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I have made this site in an effort to share with you the genealogical data that I have collected about the Enderlein family. It is in no way complete but by making it available in this way I hope that others will add their knowledge about the Enderlein family and its roots.

This site contains Descendants Charts in different formats which covers the family from Andreas Enderlein, whose son Jacob was born 1695 in Breitenau, until today. The chart is incomplete for the first generations in Germany but for the branches created in Sweden by the two brothers Carl August Ferdinand and Friedrich August Enderlein I think that the chart is complete. The data for the youngest generations is however incomplete.

The language used in this site is a mix of English, German and Swedish. As the members of the Enderlein family are spread across many countries in at least four continents I will try to make most of the text in English in a future release.

This site contains documents in html and pdf format. To view the pdf documents you need Acrobat Reader from Adobe (

I would very much appreciate your comments and thoughts about this site. What should be included/excluded in the next release, what changes should be made etc. If you have any material such as data, pictures, photos or other documents you think should be included here, please send it to me and I will include it here in the next release of the site. I hope to hear from you.  

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The Family tree

Today the family tree has grown pretty large. I have therefore made two different views of it.

List of all members in the family tree. (updated 2019-02-08)

Graphical representation of the family tree. (Old, not updated)

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Historical background

The first Enderlein to appear in the records so far is Andreas Enderlein who is mentioned as Jacob's father in the church records in Gross Oelsa when his son Jakob died in 1760. The entry also says that Jakob was born in Breitenau in 1695. The name Enderlein does not appear in earlier church records from the 17:th and 18:th centuries in Gross Oelsa so Jacob is probably the first Enderlein to settle in Gross Oelsa. Later in the 18:th and 19:th centuries there are many Enderleins living in Gross Oelsa, Paulsdorf, Freital, Seiffen, Seifersdorf and other small villages in the area between Dresden and Dippoldiswalde on the edge of the Erzgebirge. In the second half of the 19:th century the two brothers Carl August Ferdinand and Friedrich August Enderlein emigrated to Scandinavia and founded the Scandinavian branch of the Enderlein family. This branch has later grown so today it has members not only in Europe but also in USA, South America and Africa.   Other Enderleins remained in Germany and their descendents are still living there. No Enderleins are however living in Oelsa today. Gross Oelsa has dropped its earlier prefix Gross (meaning Great) and is today known as just Oelsa.

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Other Enderlein families

When researching the church records in Gross Oelsa I found that there were several Enderlein families living in the area in the 18:th and 19:th centuries. Most of them were branches on our family tree, but for a few I couldn't find a link to our tree. I think that the families are related but the proof is missing. I have included my findings about these families here and hope that someone someday will find the data useful.

Christian Gottlob Enderlein living around 1760?
Christian Gottlieb Enderlein born 1777
Johann George Enderlein living around 1800?
Christian Gottlob Enderlein born 1791
Johann Gottlieb Enderlein born 1793
Christian Gottlob Enderlein born 1795
Christian Friedrich Enderlein living around 1830?
Johann Christlieb Enderlein born 1814

There are also other Enderlein families living today in various parts of the world. I have been in contact with one family which also has its roots in Sachsen, Germany. This family even has a branch in Sweden. I have got some genealogical information from them but I don't know if we are related or not.

Christian Friedrich Enderlein born in Bömisch-Wiesenthal 1855

I have got a descendents chart from Wolfgang Enderlein in Leipzig outlining his family tree which originates in Oberwiesenthal in the year 1515 with Wolf Enderlein. Please see an outline representation or a chart.

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These are some documents which may be of interest.

Erna Enderlein's Ahnentafel

Ahnentafel which Helmut Fichtner sent to Bengt Enderlein 15/11 1951

Das Weidegut in Paulsdorf   (pictures)

A text about Enderlein's Familienwaffen,
some of the pages were unreadable in the lower part. These parts have been indicated by dashes and italic textstyle.

Erzgebirgische Bergmanswappen Enderlein 

Lothar Enderlein's publications

Edit Palmers family chronicle

International Genealogical Index (R) - 1994 Edition - Version 3.06

Letter from Georg E to his mother Elisabeth where he explains how his brother Gustaf E got killed.

Notes from Olle Enderlein's visit to Rabenau 1938

Folke Enderlein's speech about his early years in Estonia

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Here you will find some notes and pictures from travels and other events which have a connection to my genealogical research activities.

Breitenau May 2001

Zwönitz October 2001

Nürnberg October 2002.

Oberwiesenthal May 2003

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Pictures from Klastorp

Pictures from Fröå

Pictures from Gus family

Pictures from Paulsdorf   (explanation)

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Miscellaneous information

This is information from various sources like internet, newspapers and books. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with genealogy but relates in one way or another to the Enderlein family. It could just be that the name Enderlein is mentioned in an article.

An article which I found on internet about the German brewer Herbert Enderlein.
I don't know if we are related or not. I made a visit to his pub in Düsseldorf in November 1996, the beer was excellent, but unfortunately Herbert wasn't there at the time. If I get the opportunity I will make another visit.

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Most of the basic data comes from earlier work done by Carl Herman Ternstedt and Hans Christer Nordgren. I have also got much material from my father. I have added to this by researching church records in Sweden and in Sachsen, Germany. In Germany I have had great help by Uli Thränhardt, who has accompanied me when visiting the parishes and also by Wolfgang Enderlein who has supplied information which made it possible to connect his branch of the family to the rest of the family tree. Lennart Krook has given me information about another Enderlein family, his wife's ancestors reaching from her Grandfathers birth in 1855 until today. Bennet Norrbo has given me information and pictures from his Grandparents early years in Sweden and Africa. 

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