Breitenau Maj 2001.

In Maj 2001 I made a visit to the parish in Liebstadt to which Breitenau belongs nowaday. I had hoped to find information about Andreas Enderlein, the father of Jacob Enderlein. The church record in Oelsa says that Jacob's father was Andreas, Bauer zu Breitenau. Unfortunately I was a bit late. The Russians had been in Breitenau before me. They visited in 1813 and burnt the church and most of the records with it. A few records from later times survived the fire and showed that there had been Enderlein families living here in the 18:th century, but today there were none.

The Register of deaths shows Susanna Enderlein died 1780 and George Enderlein died 1790.



This is how the church in Breitenau looks in summer and winter.

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